Active Herts is a project that ran in Broxbourne, Hertsmere, Stevenage and Watford from 2015 to 2018, and supported more than 3000 people to become more active and to develop healthy habits. Some of the learning from Active Herts will go on to inform projects across the country to be more effective in supporting some of the most inactive communities to increase their activity levels and to reap the associated benefits that come with it.

The project is now being delivered locally in three of the four local authorities; Broxbourne, Hertsmere and Watford, by highly experienced and supportive Get Active Specialists. The key principles of Active Herts are present in all of their local projects, so participants can continue to be fully supported along the way.

To find out more about what is on offer in your area, and how you can become involved, please click the relevant box below.


“My appointments with Active Herts have really helped me to look at my own health and decide what’s important to me.  I now feel really motivated to change my lifestyle for the better and have the support I need to keep me on track.”



“Active Herts is a really good service. I feel much more confident about the future. The member of staff was really easy to talk to and a great motivator. I look forward to making a change. Thank you.”



“I was unsure about attending my first appointment. I didn’t feel ready. After meeting my Get Active Specialist, I realised it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I’m now getting out and walking more which suits me well.”



“The Get Active Specialist and his team are exceptional in their advice, guidance and patience. Thanks to them I can now walk”



This would not have been possible without your help. You always have such a positive outlook and your professional , and friendly approach had been an inspiration



My blood pressure has dropped dramatically, to the point where my GP is starting to remove my medication.

On top of this instead of dreading meeting people I now look forward to the class each week

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