Benefits of referring

We want you to work with us by referring appropriate individuals to Active Herts. You will be helping us to create a healthier, happier Hertfordshire, where residents’ physical and mental wellbeing are looked after. So what’s in it for you and your patients or clients? Take a look at below to see how you can benefit.

Benefits for the patient

The mix of behaviour change support, motivational interviewing, and signposting to physical activity and sporting opportunities can lead to a range of health benefits. These include:

  • More effective self-management of long term conditions
  • Weight loss
  • Reducing the risk of CVD
  • Coping with and better management of stress, anxiety or depression
  • Increasing independence and quality of life
  • Reduced number of health care appointments

Benefits for your organisation

The Active Herts Programme can directly support your organisation by helping to:

  • Free up time across services
  • Provide a quick, free and dedicated support to ‘at risk’ patients with long term conditions
  • Give patients a more personalised care pathway based around their needs
  • Meet service targets and provide additional support for healthy living